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Cloud Computing Services

We specialize in providing live streaming workflows to a vast variety of media entities and we thrive on delivering exceptional streaming services to all our clients and partners.

Streaming Networks

Simplified live streaming 

Clouditize Streaming solutions makes it easy to live stream to any device while broadcasting your content to all of your channel outlets: Mobile apps, Tv apps, websites, media channels and more. Now is the time to simplify your streaming workloads making it easier to take your content further with our simplified streaming platforms.

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Television broadcast control room monitors in the master control centre of a TV network. B
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Computer Programming

Content Delivery Network

Utilizing Akamai, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, we push over 5 Petabytes of CDN traffic monthly which allows us to provide very aggressive pricing for delivering your content at the edge in a secure manner.

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App Development

Experienced App developer network

Need an app for iOS? How about a Tv app for ROKU? At Clouditize, we have built apps for all major mobile platforms dating back since the app store was introduced. We specialize in iOS, Android, ROKU, FireTv, Windows and many others. 

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